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Long Distance Moves

Long distance moving includes any move that crosses state lines. If youre shifting or relocating your home to a place that is over 100 miles away from your current residence, it is a long distance move. It may cover inter-state or international moving. Moving long distance can be daunting task as one has to comply with numerous legal and security considerations. We become your guide, your companion and your interstate mover making your long distance movements stress free and pleasant. We also provide information on moving tips and facts and pointers that you need to be aware of for easy and safe relocation from one state to another.

Full service for moving your goods

Whether you want to move one item or entire household shipment, we offer full line of services for your interstate relocations. Moving your precious belongings, especially fragile items across states puts them in a high risk of damage. Our team of experts efficiently packs, carefully loads and gently unload and unpack your items for your convenience.

We schedule a date and time as per your requirement and our professionals will come to your home and pack, wrap and prep all belongings with industry standard packing materials and methods. We also arrange for cleaning service in your old or new home as per your requirements.

Storage until shipment is ready

American Choice Van Lines will pick your items up from your home and store them at storage until the shipment is ready to leave for the destination. Alternatively, we pick up your belongings from your current residence with a direct delivery to your new home. The charges for the move can be based on either the weight of the shipment or by the volume of it.

Carefully handling your valued possessions

Careful handling is one of the reasons of choosing an efficient moving company for your relocation needs. We value for your belongings as much as you. Our movers provide customized crating of pictures, glass and marble, blanket and plastic stretch wrapping of all furniture and semi-trailers equipped with air ride suspension systems for handling your possessions.

On moving day, your goods will be wrapped in large furniture pads and moved safely and securely into our trucks.

Detailed inventories provided for each move

Our binding and not exceeding estimates enable you to trust on us for your moving needs.
We calculate all costs in advance in order to reach a flat price so your moving costs should remain the same at the day of the move as long as you provide us with the correct information.

Pick-ups and deliveries performed only by American Choice Van Lines personnel who guarantee on-time pick-up and delivery for your possessions. Unique numbered tagging system is used for all items which are shipped.

Request free moving estimates by filling out the quick quote form on our website right now or give us a call and get benefit from our volume discounts!


Our state of the art storage facility is safe and your goods are well packed using our professional packing services. Whether you need storage for a week or a year American Choice Van Lines can provide you with storage space for all your storage needs in our modern storage building.

If you are looking for friendly, reliable and affordable local moving services, make us your moving partner and move stress free.