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Moving Pets

At American Choice Van Lines, our caring and compassionate crew helps to move your furry friends across the city, state or country. We can help to move your dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, hamsters etc. Our wide range of pet services include visits to the veterans, pick up of your pets from the starting point and delivery to your desired destination, the proper crate for transport, complete health documentation, boarding, grooming, pet carriers and more. Our wide network of pet movers keep adherence to all special travel requirements for your pets. We arrange for all necessary documentation required for relocating your pets from one place to another such as health certificate, veterinary documentation, flight reservation, custom clearance etc. Special pet containers are provided for your pets in which they can freely move and lie down. These containers have proper arrangement for ventilation, waters, food and security. In case you don’t need full service, we can tailor a specific plan for your particular pet relocation needs. Our caring crew ensures safe and reliable journey for your four legged companions.

  • When you plan moving along with your pets, consult your local veterinarian or pet store for pet care tips that are specific for your animal. Schedule a check up for your pet at least 8 – 10 days before moving.
  • In order to make your pets comfortable while travelling, you can keep his favorite toys or blanket in the crate.
  • One should provide sedative to the pets on journey, only if instructed by veterinarian. Your veterinarian may instruct to provide tranquilizer or sedatives in case of long distance journeys.
  • Make sure your pet’s collar has an identification tag with the pet’s name, your name, address, and telephone numbers.
  • While moving your furry friends keep a stock of all the essential things in a container such as pet’s regular food, medication, snacks, snooper, treats and bowls, first aid kits and bottled water to avoid stomach disturbances etc.
  • When you relocate to your new home provide your pets with as many as familiar things till he is able to adjust to his new surroundings.
  • You should find a new veterinarian for your pets. Take recommendation from your old veterinarians to find a new one. Once your pet will adjust to new home environment, he will enjoy in your new home as he used to enjoy in older.
  • Hire a professional pet mover company for moving your pet as they will take over all the stress involved in moving your pets from one place to another.

Whether you want to move your pets to other street, state or country, we provide pet relocation solutions to move your pets stress free and safely.