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Moving with Children

Different children react differently to moving. Some are excited about their new place of living while some get depressed with the news of moving from their existing home to a new place. However, parents play an important role in molding their reactions to moving. In order to make moving a joyful event for children, it is important to involve them in each step of moving. At American Choice Van Lines, we tend to make moving an easy and joyful experience for your entire family.

Moving and children

Your pets and children are sensitive family members and must be handled with patience and care while they express their reactions to moving. Younger children are mostly curious and adventurous in nature. It is important for parents to be gentle while trying to explain reasons for moving to them. While explaining your young children, use words that they can understand such as “at new place we will have a bigger house and much more facilities etc.”

Expert and experienced moving team

We employ a team of gentle and expert movers with a wide experience in moving delicate antique items across the city, state and country. Our experts have knowledge about how each piece of artwork should be prepared and packed. If you decide to pack some of the items yourself, our crew can recommend materials that we use to ensure maximum protection for your antique items. These materials include double- and triple-walled cartons, cushioning wraps, packing tapes etc. You can buy these packing materials from us at very affordable prices.

Moving is often difficult for young adolescents and teenage children, because at this age friends becomes important part of their life and moving means giving up these friendships and form new ones. The best way to deal with children is to open the lines of communication between you and your children. Tell your teens the benefits of moving into new place such as they will get their own bedroom or basket ball court in the big yard, or at new place they will have more public transportation, making it easier for them to get around on their own independently. Explain them that they can be still in touch with their old friends through phones and internet.

  • The best way to reduce stress of moving among your children is to involve them.
  • Communicate with your children about moving as much as you can. Ask for their opinions and make them come up with different ideas for packing, unpacking etc. to make moves easier and better.
  • Ask them about different ideas for decorating their new homes or rooms and appreciate them for their contributions.
  • Make them help you in packing specially in packing their possessions. You can tell them to decorate the box in which they put their belongings.
  • Encourage your children to take the time to say good-bye to friends and exchange contact information with their friends.
  • Plan in ahead for your child’s activities such as sports, dance classes etc. can be continued in new community. It will help them to adjust easier to new location.

Change is difficult for people of all ages; however your attitude determines its impact upon you. Your attitude also greatly influences your child’s attitude. For example, if you dread moving, then your children will also be dreadful about it. It is important for you to be gentle, wise and patient in order to make moving a joyful experience for your children.