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Packing Tips

Planning is a key to right packing. Make a plan for packing your possessions for each portion of your house. Make a list of all the items to be packed and the material needed to pack them. Schedule date for packing materials for each area of your home. Following packing tips can help you to assure smooth journey:
  • Start as earlier as possible. The earlier you start your packing, the more organized and smooth will be your moving experience.
  • De-clutter and purge all the useless items and put them on garbage sale, so you will not be wasting time in packing unnecessary items. You should also auction items which will not be used in your new home such as old sofa, chairs, tables etc.
  • Empty up a room where you can pack up all your goods. It is better to arrange for a large table in the room on which you can pack your goods easily.
  • Try to pack non essential items few weeks before moving and save time for packing for everyday items at the end.
  • A few weeks before the moving day start stocking up all the packing supplies to ensure convenience on day of packing your possessions.
  • Make sure to collect strong and durable packing material for safety of your goods. One can use designed modular boxes and cartons to pack fragile and electronic appliances, and wardrobe boxes for clothes. Wardrobe box comes with hanger and you can unload your dresses wrinkle free with the help of such boxes.
  • Make arrangement for boxes of all sizes, cushioning material, marking pens, tape measure, packing foam, furniture pads or old blankets, packing tape and scissors
  • For protecting your materials from damage during relocation, cushion up all of the cartons before packing anything in it. Make sure to wrap each item before placing them in carton. Make sure to fill extra space in cartoon to prevent items from collision. One can use towels, pillows etc. for providing extra padding to fragile items.
  • Label each box to help during moving and rearranging. It will help you to resettle things in your new home easily. Labeling should be descriptive. The description should be as per the room to which it belongs to as well as per priority of use. For example you can mark, “open me first” on high priority items. You should also specifically label fragile items if required.
  • If you’re hiring a mover, make sure to keep valuable items with you such as passport, important papers, jewelry etc. and pack them separately.
  • Make a separate bag of items which you’ll need during the move such as toiletries, medicine, medical kit, maps, food, and drink and keep them at place where you can access them easily.
  • Do not pack flammable items or non-allowable items.

Packing your possessions in a proper way is an important aspect of relocation process. A proper packing protects your valuables, save your money and ensures you move stress free.