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Packing and Crating

At American Choice Van Lines, we take responsibility to make your moves successful and peaceful. Right packing is one of the essential requirements for right moves. If your goods are appropriately packed, they will be easy to handle and maintain during the moves. Right packing ensures smooth moves and safe delivery of your goods to your new location. In order to make your moves hassle free, we offer full line of packing and crating solutions for all types of cargo to ensure flawless transportation of your goods across the city, state and country. Our moving team is made up of experienced, reliable and insured packers, craters and movers. We provide high-quality, cost-efficient packing and crating solutions for residential and commercial relocation needs.


We pick up your belongings from your home or office and place them securely in appropriate sized cartons. We take inventory of each and every item before loading. All the cartoons are properly labeled to support unpacking in appropriate rooms. We use high quality packing material and right packing techniques for your valuables. Our effective packing and crating protects your valuables from corrosion, temperature variations, shock, vapor etc.

Flexibility of time

We provide you complete flexibility in terms of time. Whether you want our moving services to be carried out during normal working hours or in the evening or over a weekend, we provide flexible moving services.

Packing material

In case, you prefer to pack your belongings yourself, we also provide you packing material at most affordable rates. We stock a substantial inventory of superior moving supplies to serve residential, commercial and industrial needs. The inventory includes moving supplies and packing materials. Our packing materials include sturdy cartons, specialized moving boxes, bubble wrap for fragile items, paper tape and more. If you cannot find what you are looking for, get connected with us, we provide custom-made products that are made to match your special requests or requirements for moving supplies.


Our customized crating solutions caters to handle your fragile and high-value items such as fine art, antiques, collectibles, glass items etc. We provide custom-built, wooden crate to pack and ship certain items, such as artwork, oversized mirrors etc. We also protect your valuables with padding if required and store it securely at our storage units until you direct us to deliver it at your desired location.

Whether you are looking for packers, craters, packing materials or even customized packing and crating solutions, we fulfill all your moving needs to make your moves convenient and hassle free.